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Ames Hill Productions is a full-service film and video production company located in Southern Vermont. We own a number of cameras including a hi-definition Sony EX-3. We edit on an Avid editing system.

We go to great lengths to understand your story or message as well as you do.

We use our extensive experience in making feature films, documentaries, rock videos, commercials, industrials, and TV programming to conceive clever, articulate ways to make your case.

Collaborating closely with clients, we write the script, using clear and compelling language to deliver your story in an economical way.

Sensitively recording people in action and events as they unfold, there is an intimacy to Ames Hill's filming style. Viewers understand that what they are observing is unmanipulated and authentic footage. They believe what they see.

We use a flexible approach in production to capture the images and sounds of your story. We can utilize crews from two people to thirty, depending on the specific requirements of a given shoot. From hand held shooting to the use of cranes or a steadicam, we will deliver top quality material.

We excel at post-production. There is simply no substitute for experience and Kate Purdie has been editing at the highest levels in the industry for over 20 years. Using our Avid Adrenaline system, she uses her understanding of rhythm and pace to weave footage into a smoothly flowing piece. Additionally, her
technical expertise guarantees a beautiful looking and beautiful soundingfinished product.

A client's comments about Andy Reichsman, Kate Purdie and Ames Hill Productions:

"I've worked with lots of different directors, producers, and cameramen, and he's one of the best. He has the gift of invisibility when working with people who might otherwise be intimidated. It's never about him; he's willing to let things unfold rather than engaging in excessive 'directing.' He uses time economically (doesn't ask for things he won't need later), is patient with neophytes, respectful of locations and their needs & rules, and really good at scripting and organizing content. The fact that he and Kate are a one-stop shop makes his work a bargain that's probably unbeatable in New York City. "
Kathy Kinsner
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Roads to Success

Ames Hill Film & Video Productions
(802) 257-4357

PO Box 425
1003 Cowpath 40
Marlboro, VT 05344